Dino Blue - Krady Kroft 5in1 Feeding Pillow

Dino Blue - Krady Kroft 5in1 Feeding Pillow
Dino Blue - Krady Kroft 5in1 Feeding Pillow
Dino Blue - Krady Kroft 5in1 Feeding Pillow
Dino Blue - Krady Kroft 5in1 Feeding Pillow
Dino Blue - Krady Kroft 5in1 Feeding Pillow
Dino Blue - Krady Kroft 5in1 Feeding Pillow

"A Blessing for Feeding Mothers !"

- Pratiba.R, a Kradyl Kroft Feeding Pillow Customer

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Rs. 1,199.00

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100% Money Back Guarantee

Give Your Arms and Your Baby Good Rest!

  • Contains 1 Feeding Pillow with with Cover.
  • Contains High Quality Coozly Terrafirm Fibres for giving a good smooth support.
  • Contains a Baby Hoop Attachment for Playing and Burp Times!
  • Good Arm Support while Feeding and wide front to hold Baby
  • Dimensions: Length 23 inches, Width 25 inches, Circumference 65 inches, Width of each leg 10 inches, Height - Approx 6 inches.
  • Can be Used as a Feeding Pillow, Burp Pillow, Playtime Pillow etc.

Versatile Use It's a Pillow & Beyond

Versatile Use from New Born until 2 Yrs + From cradling and breastfeeding to playing and burp times, this amazing pillow will be you most trusted friend. The unique baby hoop when attached can really help your loved one's active playtime.

What are Fans Saying about the Kradyl Kroft 5in1 Feeding Pillow?

"No More Aching Arms "

“Absolute freedom from aching arms with this awesome feeding pillow. This is a must have for every one who is breast feeding. The shape and the fit of this product is so thoughtfully designed that it can totally avoid arm aches as well as provide good support for the baby ”

- Manisha A.

"Feeding can also be Fun"

“I've tried all feeding pillows, but this one is clearly the best. I started using it early on and now my baby is 10 months old and I still use it for bottle feeding and playtime. The hoop feature is really great. It helps maintain baby's position and keeps my baby safe while I do my chores. ”

- Anjali K.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 967 reviews
Useful and comfortable pillow for breastfeeding moms

Very useful pillow for new moms.I was initially not interested because of price and thought of passing feeding period without pillow.But I was wrong as this is a much needed pillow for breastfeeding moms.Wonderful and very comfortable product.Would like to recommend this to all new mommies.


Thus product helped my wife a lot.she had to bend down towards the baby and feed 12-15 times a day where she had to strain her Back a lot.I regret why I did not buy this in the initial stage but better late than never,after one month she was very happy and relieved , it really served the purpose.

Makes feeding comfortable for both baby and mother

For a new mom, feeding can be white unnerving and setting up pillows correctly each time especially when the baby is hungry and crying is tedious. This feeding pillow solved this issue for me allowing me to relax while feeding. Highly recommended.

Excellent product for nursing mothers

Excellent product very helpful for nursing mothers to feed the kid for long hours. Relieves from back strain, the horseshoe shape fits perfectly around waist of mother while feeding baby.

Happy customer

Comfortable for feeding and for tummy time. It provides support too. Material is also good and washable if it gets dirty.

Wonderful product for new momies

Was very useful and was of high quality. My back ache was reduced after I used this. Loved the color and design. Must buy for all new mothers.

Multipurpose use

As a mother I do not exactly use it for my baby to feed because it's big size is not compatible for me , though I use it for lot of other things , it's useful.

Makes feeding so comfortable and enjoyable

It’s a must have for every new mom. Makes feeding so comfortable and enjoyable. Baby is secure and doesn’t move. My baby loves the soft pillow and falls asleep after feed. I use it to make him sit on it after every feed and he burps easily. Already recommended it to two of my cousins and they love it! Thankyou Kradyl Kroft for such an amazing product. Love the quality and softeness of the pillow and cover. The best part is the cover is washable. Thankyou once again. Definitely recommend that you buy it!

Simple in looks but highly useful product!

As a new mom, I would highly recommend this product to other new mom's.i was a little sceptical about buying any feeding pillow, but one of my friends, my mother and my darling husband made me buy this. It gives me and my baby all the comfort which is needed during feeding. My baby literally dozes off on it after feeding. The quality of the pillow and zipper is also pretty nice. Thumbs up!

Good and comfortable, only colour is different

It is very comfortable. Before this my wife was using just a simple pillow to support feeding, for that she had to bed forward and make use of her hand a lot to support the baby to feed. It was a bit difficult. Not in possible as such. This new pilow has given her a good support during feeding.. she can sit straight without straining her back muscles. Only thing we we're skeptical whether we cud use it directly or not. We preferred to give them upper cover a wash before making the baby like on it during feeding. One thing I feel is missing is it would be good if there was an attached pillow extension to support her back.Rest All good but only the color seemed different. I have uploaded photos. I bought it for 999

Many Uses with the HOOP!

Ideal For Feeding, Burping, Playing & More

This versatile baby nursing pillow or feeding pillow can be used from age New Born to 2 yrs and more. From feeding to playtimes, this pillow has an extended use. The hoop is a secure way to help baby sit up and play as well.

Suits All Feeding Positions & Styles!

Various Positions in One Feeding Pillow

This 5in1 Infant Feeding and Nursing Pillow can adapt to various feeding Positions and Styles easily. Whether you breast feed or bottle feed, this pillow provides comfort to both baby and you.

What are Fans Saying about Kradyl Kroft?


Kradyl Kroft is a premium brand of Infant and Baby Accessories, Clothing and Bedding. Experience Vibrant and Unique Styles that are crafted keeping in mind the comfort that your loved ones need. Style up and enhance your baby's room decor with Kradyl Kroft. 

Join the Kradyl Kroft family and feel the difference.


Uses 100% Cotton Covers and Certified Coozly Terra Firm Fibres for the pillow. The Baby hoop has an organic stretch and velcro for attaching. 


Large Size that comfortably wraps itself around the waist and provides good arm support with Belt for Fastening and a Hoop to Cradle the Baby.


Dimensions: Height 23 inches, Width 25 inches, Circumference 65 inches, Width of each leg 10 inches, Height - Approx 6 inches. Allergen Free.


Excellent Support for both Mom and Baby. Extremely Versatile in use and will Support your baby over the Growing Years.

No Questions Asked 100% Money-back Guarantee

If you or your baby don’t like this product you may return it, no questions asked. Kradyl Kroft welcomes You and Your Loved one to its growing Family of Happy Parents and Tots

Are you a first-time parent with a whole lot of answers you are seeking out? Let’s start addressing one of the most common ones of all.

Does a new mom really need a feeding pillow? Is it necessary at all? What if I prop up a few pillows for use?

A Feeding Pillow with its Semi Circle C shape is ergonomically designed to provide arm support which every new mom who breastfeeds really needs. The Pillow clasps around the waist and the front provides a comfortable space for the infant to feed. No other pillows propped can offer this support.

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