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Yellow Star-Krady Kroft 5in1 Feeding Pillow
Yellow Star-Krady Kroft 5in1 Feeding Pillow
Yellow Star-Krady Kroft 5in1 Feeding Pillow
Yellow Star-Krady Kroft 5in1 Feeding Pillow
Yellow Star-Krady Kroft 5in1 Feeding Pillow
Yellow Star-Krady Kroft 5in1 Feeding Pillow
Yellow Star-Krady Kroft 5in1 Feeding Pillow
Yellow Star-Krady Kroft 5in1 Feeding Pillow
Yellow Star-Krady Kroft 5in1 Feeding Pillow

Yellow Star-Krady Kroft 5in1 Feeding Pillow


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  • Contains 1 Pillow + 1 Pillow Cover. Includes a Detachable Zippered cover with a baby hoop that you can fix as and when you need it for the baby to play or rest when older. Can be used from 0 to 4 years of age and even longer as an armrest cushion.
  • No need for a belt around the waist. Simply pull the two ends of the pillow and adjust it on your waist. This product is designed to gently clasp your waist. A belt is also provided if you want to secure it further. Its simple and easy!
  • Get Arm support to feed the baby while feeding. Dimensions: Height 23 inches, Width 25 inches, Circumference 65 inches, Width of each leg 10 inches, Height - Approx 6 inches.
  • Product is allergen free.
  • This product is first vacuum packed in a thick Original Kradyl Kroft Zippered Bag and then put in a white bag for delivery. Contains Imported Materials, hence average delivery time is 3 to 5 days in metros.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews

Good pillow. It's soft and comfortable.Only downside is that there has to be something to support the pillow from below otherwise it's difficult to keep the baby at breast level.


This is very uncomfortable for a new born.. baby will slide down to the center space and get stuck.. It gets difficult to lift the baby to put him on bed without waking him.. helpful only to make him burp..


Vry handy just been one day since I bought this but helps wid back n arm support. My baby is not used to it but hopefully she'll b fine. Vry useful for breastfeeding mothers. I wud normally lie down 2 fees my baby as my back n hands wud pain after sumthe time. But wid dis product life just got easier.---------------------------------------------------------------Hi people so I'm adding a few lines today I. E. 15 oct 2018. Well I mind off barely used d pillow for breastfeeding. Now I'm just using it to make my baby sit in it or lie down on top. So u might want to think more before buying this, coz sitting or lying and feeding your baby is good enough.


It was great ,especially used to fall aslee On pillow itself after feed .After some weeks however I noted that we needed additional support for babys head to be able to reach nipple level comfortably. Must buy if you are considering any feeding pillow at all.Also couldnt figure out how to attach the velcro extension. A demo video could have been helpful.My baby is 1.5 months old.Will update after couple of months of usage.

Guru Sw*min*th*n

except for the weight, the product is of good quality and also its a bit huge. the size should be reduced about 15 % smaller to make it best fit. They made it like one size for all child, but at least 2 variant of sizes would be the best for overall crowd, so it actually feeds to their purpose and fits well


I have bought this pillow after suffering from backache. Although I regret buying it earlier as this pillow is quite useful for feeding but not complete pain relief for backache. The pillow is soft which makes it comfortable for the baby. But one thing I miss in the pillow is back support.The pillow can be used for the babies when they start sitting for support purpose. So this pillow can be helpful for the mommy and the baby. Go ahead new momies with this pillow.


After a lot of research, I must say this is one of my best buys. My baby is 7 weeks old. The pillow is just the right size which provides support to my baby's weight and length. The height of the pillow is also just right for feeds. The pillow also is also comfortable for C-section deliveries like myself. Complete value for money and quite inexpensive compared to pillows seen on other online shops. For mothers who often breast feed their babies, this is definitely is a worth the buy!


We rarely using it as it is not that much useful as we expected. Sometime, Mom is uncomfortable, sometimes baby because of it's thickness and fitting on waist.May be because of using first time, will update my feedback after 1-2 more months of use.Thanks.


This pillow has helped me a lot when i just couldnt figure out how to feed my baby in right way. The normal pillows are too clumsy when used and can cause neck, shoulder and back pain. Whereas this gives the right elevation and support while feeding. The only drawback i felt was that the colour of the cover bled while washing.


The product is really comfortable and firm. Does not deform after regular use. Looks just as what is shown in Amazon. Arrived in good condition and on time. Overall, a product every nursing mother needs to have.